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Preservation Of Wealth (POW) offers its members at-cost, dealer pricing on gold, silver, platinum and palladium.  This allows our members the same purchasing power that the dealers enjoy.   Our members enjoy the best possible prices on their bullion purchases of coins, bars and rounds….with NO commissions and NO dealer markup!  This translates in an average savings of 5%-25% on every purchase.

So How Do We Do It?

Preservation Of Wealth has thousands of members who are actively buying precious metals.  Our combined purchasing power gives us the best possible dealer pricing.  In fact the more our purchasing volume increases, the better our pricing becomes even better.  The company operates on a membership model, similar to that used by the major retail buyers clubs.  This means that the company makes its Preservation of Wealth Gold And Silver Eaglesmoney from the sale of its benefits program and not the sale of precious metals.  The price the company pays for gold, silver, platinum and palladium is the exact same price you pay when acquiring those metals through Preservation of Wealth.  The company’s pricing is so good that we have many traditional coin dealers who purchase their metals through POW.

Preservation Of Wealth Eliminates Quantity Restrictions

Most dealers place quantity restrictions on their sales of gold and silver.  This means that you either have to buy a minimum limit, or you do not receive the best pricing until you reach a specified limit.  At Preservation Of Wealth, we have done away with quantity restrictions.  You receive the same exact at-cost pricing whether you are buying one coin or 500 coins.   This type of pricing is absolutely unheard of in our industry.   Finally, the average person can have the same at-cost buying privileges as those with millions of dollars at their disposal.  So whether you are buying one American Silver Eagle or a monster box of Silver Eagles you can be assured that you are receiving the best possible price on your purchase.


What Types Of Precious Metals Does Preservation Of Wealth Offer?

At Preservation Of  Wealth, we realize that people purchase precious metals for different reasons.  Some people are purchasing precious metals as a hedge against inflation and the eroding purchasing power of the U.S. Dollar.   Others purchase precious metals as an investment, looking for appreciation of the precious metal holdings.   Still other buyers purchase precious metals for their collectible value, often passing these cherished possessions to the next generation.   To meet the demands of this diverse group of individuals, the company offers a wide selection of precious metals options.   These include such things as:

  • Generic bars and rounds
  • Johnson Matthey/Englehard                                           
  • Government minted coins                                                                          Preservation Of Wealth Coins
    • Silver Eagle
    • Gold Eagle
    • Maple Leaf
    • Kruggerand
    • Philharmoniker
    • Panda
    • …and many others
  • Numismatic coins
    • NGC
    • PCGS
    • ICG
  • Certified bullion

How Are Purchases Made Through Preservation Of Wealth?

Members of Preservation Of Wealth have access to the best in real-time pricing.  Purchases can be made through the use of our online shopping cart or by calling in to our order desk.   The price is locked in at the time of your purchase, so there are no hidden increases based on the “spot price” of the metal being purchased.   To make your transaction even easier we offer bank wiring instructions and ACH to facilitate smooth processing of your purchase or you can use Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

What About Shipping Costs?

With POW, there are no hidden shipping expenses!  If you are ordering 250 ounces of silver or 10 ounces of gold your shipping is absolutely free!  For smaller orders we place your purchase into a United States Post Office Flat Rate box and send it to you.  You pay the “actual” shipping cost that we pay and you will never pay more than $22 (shipping and insurance) for any order.

Can Precious Metals Be Sold Back To Preservation Of Wealth?

Yes!  Not only does POW offer you the best pricing on your precious metals purchases, but they also give you the highest buy back pricing in the industry.   While most dealers are discounting their buy backs for higher retail margins, Preservation Of Wealth is paying out more.   The buy back opportunity goes beyond the metals you purchase through POW, but also includes metals you have previously purchased from other sources.  To take advantage of the buy back opportunity, you simply need to call the operations desk for pre-approval.   When large quantity buy backs are received, those metals are then offered to the membership of POW at a substantial bargain on a first come, first serve basis.  This allows our members to take advantage of specials that are even better than our everyday low prices.


What Else Does The Preservation Of Wealth Benefits Program Include?

At Preservation Of Wealth our benefits program goes far beyond simply offering precious metals at the best possible price.  At-cost dealer pricing is the core benefit offered to our members; however, we
Preservation Of Wealth Benefits Programalso believe there are other ways of helping our customers protect their financial well-being.   In addition to our primary benefit of dealer pricing on all precious metals purchases we also offer the following services to round out our benefits program.  You can view a description of each service, by clicking on it.

  • Legal Services             - $400 Value
  • LifeLock                       -  $120 Value

  TOTAL Value:  $520 Per Year

Becoming a member of Preservation Of Wealth goes even further.   Through our lucrative referral structure you can make money simply by telling others where they can get the best pricing on their precious metals purchases.  Imagine getting paid, simply because you tell others about the great benefits program that the company offers.  The referral program is purely optional and your participation has no bearing on the cost of your precious metals purchase.

Can You Make Money With Preservation Of Wealth?

Absolutely!  There are two primary ways in which a member can make money with POW.  The first is simply through the regular accumulation of precious metal assets, which have the potential for appreciation over time.  In addition to this potential, the value of precious metals is positively affected by the continuing devaluation of the U.S. Dollar.  Simply put 1 oz. of silver or gold will be worth a greater quantity of weakened U.S. Dollars.   It is important to note that past performance of any precious metal, does not determine future results.

Owning Your Own Business

The second means of making money with Preservation Of Wealth comes through our highly lucrative home business opportunity.   Simply owning a home business opens up a world of possibilities for you, beginning with the special tax incentives that are made available to business owners (consult Preservation Of Wealth Silver Eaglesyour tax adviser to determine the tax implications of owning your own business).   At POW we have developed a business that pays you for telling other where they can get the best pricing on their precious metals purchases.   Each time you refer a new member, the company will pay you $100.  That in itself would be exciting enough, but it doesn’t stop there.   When a member you have referred, refers someone who also becomes a member, the company will pay you $50.  You can earn additional income by participating in our binary compensation plan.  This part of the compensation plan works off of a system of business volume that is based on the sales of member benefits programs (100BV) and the purchase of numismatic coins (50BV per coin).   When you have accumulated 300BV on each side of your organization, the company pays you another $100.  As your organization grows there is even greater potential for income through matching bonuses.  Unlike other home businesses we POW has chosen to keep things simple.  You won’t find any multiple levels of hearts, moons and diamonds here.  Our goal is to help you make a life long residual income in the most direct manner possible.

What Else Do I Get?

  • Free replicated website
  • Free business back office
  • No purchase requirements
  • No sales quotas
  • No mandatory autoship
To learn more about our exciting home business, visit the opportunity page.

Is Preservation Of Wealth Right The Right Business For You?

Choosing the right business is critical for your long term success.  It is important that any business you choose be the right fit for your personality and long term goals.  To better understand why Preservation Of Wealth and our products make sense, I encourage you to go through each section of this website.  

People are nervous about the condition of the economy and what the future holds.  This has created a heightened awareness of the need for precious metals.  It is no wonder why so many are offering to “buy your gold and silver.”   Those who understand these shifts in our economy are rushing to get their hands on more gold and silver. 

At Preservation Of Wealth we give you the ability to create freedom with your home based business, while protecting your wealth through the accumulation of precious metal assets.  

Are You Ready?

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